/ k8s specialist

Kubernetes is fun. Since I’ve been back contracting I successfully contributed to projects where k8s/ was involved; both at ATU/Mobivia (DigiForce ~ the Digital Transformation team, Ndr) & WeShare/UMI/Volkswagen.

I am (and was) involved in streamlining the usage of containerized setups in an organically grown setup, where we had to talk to Active Directory on Microsoft Server 2008 over Kerberos and LDAP to achieve an SSO setup with Keycloak.

[GitOps] Currently focusing on rolling out more & more everything based on ArgoCD, a tool to enforce the GitOps methodology: everything is documented in git, no-flying hacks on yaml defined resources. This is crucial either when you got a high turnover on resources, either when you do have a squirrel memory like mine. Professionally, it is also a great thing to leave the customer a proper documentation.

[Ist.IO] A mesh-ed networks: with you can have a complete picture of what’s going on in your cluster, where the traffic is flowing, encrypted thanks to mTLS without touching the business application. Great tool, a bit complicated initially, but definitely needed.

I got a couple of contributions to both… small things like: